08 February 2007

Ain't too proud to please...

Let's talk about art ba-by. (I'm in a singing mood today)

I just read an article in New York Magazine about Dash Snow. The mag caught my attention because it has 3 guys in bed and the headline says Warhol's Children. I had to read it because I'm a huge fan of Warhol and I had to see what all the fuss was about on this Snow character. (As a side note, I don't love everything Warhol has done, but he was an innovator and some fun stuff came out from his Factory.)

Read the article, and we'll talk. I will say this, I'm not seriously offended by the art these guys do, I'm mad that this kind of thing gets pawned off as art. These guys come off as spoiled, uninspired boy men. Being a drug freak doesn't make you an artist. These "Hamsters Nests" is simply annoying and sounds like trust fund kids doing drugs because that's all they have to do in life. Oh poor rich kids. Can you tell I'm upset? This is not NYC art scene at it's best.

Here is something I really love now. This is Marcel Dzarma. LOVE his work. This is art that is real to me. He comes from Winnipeg but now lives in the Big Apple. Well he probably really lives in Brooklyn but who would want to live near Snow anyway.


Jocelyn said...

I so much appreciate any post that opens my eyes to new artists! Fun first visit.

JC said...

Oh my gah that sign is awesome! Yesterday at work it wouldn't show the pictures, but today I can see them. WTF? Anyway, now we know you won't back down from a challenge (not that I thought you would)!

Hey Lady!

There's a new movie coming out about Edie Sedgwick and Warhol, but the review I read didn't it make it sound very good.

hollibobolli said...

DAMMIT JC - I was going to start my comment with OH MY GAH THAT SIGN IS AWESOME!!!

Holy Holy HELL!!!!

Lawdy lawdy lawdy lawdy lawd. YOU RAWK!!!!

Hey Lady!! Get.. get.. get funky!!!

Greaaaat - now that's skimming through my head.

Okay, I guess I'll go check out that article, because I'm all hip to reading crap that will annoy me lately. whoopah!

hollibobolli said...

I had to save your name on my "deal" as "HEY LADY!!"


kristen said...

I love your graffiti grrl art. And I'll go looking for that article now, just as soon as my daughter stops her selfish, crying jag over a g-damn $1 pen that's part of a birthday present.

paintergirl said...

Jocelyn-Thanks for coming by!!

jc-If you guys could only have seen me and how I was trying to be so sly. NOT.
I always start singing the Bboys when I drive past this lake now.
Oh yeah-that movie. I don't know. I mean I like Guy Pierce and all but Andy? I don't know if anyone can play Warhol. If Bowie can't pull it off...but Seinna playing Edie maybe.

holli holli bobolli-
Get funky!! Have you read the totally annoying article yet about boys who jack off and call it art?? I still get mad thinking about these guys. Where as I still have to just do graffiti. Damn them.

kristen-Has the issue been resolved. My little man never forgets a thing and will bring up an incident days later. Drives me crazy. I'm so mellow-"just let it go little man", but no, he keeps at me. I know K how it is.

marybishop said...

Love the graffiti! When I'm not rushed I'll come back to the links.

I'm anxiously awaiting snow here...hope it comes and leaves upper NY state alone for a while. Happy Vee Day

marybishop said...

I love outsider art...what do you think of Henry Darger? He is one of my all time faves....crazy as hell but marvelous.

paintergirl said...

Hi Mary-so how much snow did you guys get? Henry Darger-I really like his stuff. Outsider art is pretty interesting. I'm not the biggest sculpture fan but drawings and paintings are always up there for me. We never went to see Finster's place when we lived in atlanta, but we bought an R.A. Miller tin cutout.

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