28 February 2007

She's got a cigarette on each arm...

Things are not right with the world.

Everything is off today.

I think the cat is seriously ill.

I think my son is colorblind.

This home selling is going too slow.

This new venture is at a standstill.

We have too much crap.

Putting said crap up on eBay takes so long.

Even though it's a beautiful day out, I'm really sad.

There's more but I can't continue this list.

As many times as I have listened to Moonlight Feels Right
I have been listening to other things. I have been enjoying Gorillaz and and some old Beck.
We also re-watched Amelie and that is keeping me positive.


JC said...

Hang in there, hopefully things will start looking better soon.

I love Odelay, I've listened to it at work a couple of times recently.

paintergirl said...

Thanks jc
It started yesterday and just kind of rolled into today. Manifesting itself. I just feel like saying blah.

I think Odelay is my favorite Beck.
I wish I never found out he was a Scientologist.

marybishop said...

We're heading towards a full moon and that doesn't help either. I'm funked out too -- hard to find "buck up" words when you also feel similar.

Hope kitty is ok. hugs

Vajana said...

it's the weather. Honest. Once it starts getting warmer, things will be on the up and up. It never fails.

Winter helps me love spring all the more!

paintergirl said...

Hey Mary-That's right, that will be Saturday. I sleep badly too with an upcoming full moon.
Thanks Mary!

Vajana!! Hey woman, how is the new baby?
I know this part of winter kind of sucks. Especailly the ugly snow sitting around waiting to melt. One can never fully appreciate spring until they live up north and witness the deadness of it all, then suddenly green!

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