26 February 2007

I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean, And drop the top at Chesapeake Bay...

Beware of the long strange post.

It snowed again!

I still marvel at the snow. Not having it in Florida, it's still a novelty to me. Shoveling though is another thing entirely. I am still trying to find my technique. If my neighbors watch me, I may look like Chevy Chase doing Gerald Ford playing an alien who has never shoveled snow. I have to work on this. How would Grace Kelly shovel snow? (And don't give me a smart ass answer saying she'd hire someone) It's a new game for me, this shoveling. I can tell the difference though in shoveling different snow.

The snow we had on Valentines Day, was a gut/nut buster. The snow was laden with ice and it weighed a ton. I couldn't even do the whole driveway. Each shovel could easily weigh 10 lbs. The snow from last night, so fluffy and light, you could sweep it with a broom until someone steps on it and squashes it down. Now you know what I was doing today.

And for something completely different to cheer everyone up post Oscar day.

If I knew how to posts songs I would do it all the time. I wish I could have this song playing right now because it is so sleazy and weird. This could be the greatest cheesy song of all time, I think I have listened to it 20 times today. Maybe God could sing a few lines of this to me.


The wind blew some luck in my direction
I caught it in my hands today
I finally made a tricky French connection
You winked and gave me your o.k.
I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean
And drop the top at Chesapeake Bay
Ain't nothing like the sky to dose a potion
The moon'll send you on your way

Moonlight feels right
Moonlight feels right

We'll lay back and observe the constellations
And watch the moon smilin bright
I'll play the radio on southern stations
Cause southern belles are hell at night
You say you came to Baltimore from Ole Miss
Class of seven four gold ring
The eastern moon looks ready for a wet kiss
To make the tide rise again

We'll see the sun come up on Sunday morning
And watch it fade the moon away
I guess you know I'm giving you a warning
Cause me and moon are itching to play
I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean
And drop the top at Chesapeake Bay
Ain't nothin like the sky to dose a potion
The moon'll send you on your way
Now go look at this link and these are the guys that sing it.

Somewhere in the wide world Jason Hare posted a picture of Matthew Mcconaughey. Thanks Jason!! It was funny in relation to the above song and what the singer should look like but the photo of MM working out on the beach was all wrong. On his site he has a link to download the song and he goes into graphic detail over the lyrics.

This is the picture that should be associated with Moonlight Feels Right.
Ain't nothing like the sky to dose a potion...oww yeah!
*I love this movie Dazed and Confused.


JC said...

Alright, alright, alright!

I know f all about shoveling snow. There's never enough here to need shoveling. As I was taking a walk tonight I was thinking about how weird it is that we live in the same country - it was so warm here and you all back east are getting lots of snow.

I'm not sure I know that song.

kristen said...

yep, icy snow last week and today's fluffy and heavy and made for easier shoveling.
i try to always use my legs and also, switch up which arm i'm leading with.
i'm still convincing my husband we need a snowblower, mostly so i can wear the thing!

paintergirl said...

jc-Oh you WOULD love shoveling snow. It's so pretty when you first are outside, and then the thrill wears off when you have a good 30 minutes more to do.
It's global warming. South of the MAson/Dixon it's going to always be a consistent 80. what is the temperature a person's body starts to get uncomfortable? Isn't it 83 F?

kristen-The switching arms is what gets me into trouble. And there is the whole upper body not being so strong. Have you ever had a leaf or snowblower strapped on you? One of my parents neighbors insisted I try it when I was in front of my mom's house-the sound about deafened me.

hollibobolli said...

Can anything involving Starbuck be wrong???

I LOVE Dazed and Confused. See, I don't shovel snow - I just plow the Shreksplorer right on over it - and then we have children slide on their faces. Wait, that wasn't my fault.

paintergirl said...

*NEW LINK* in the blog. Go to the Jason Hare link and find where you too can listen to this song. Do it and then you can yell at me because once you hear it, you'll want more.

paintergirl said...

Holli holli bo bolli-Do you know this song??
Having a Shreksplorer(I love that name) is IDEAL for this kind of weather-the Honda isn't quite used to it. She gets stuck. And when she is sad I am sad too.

Jason said...

My dear paintergirl,

Thanks for the mention. Your picture is, of course, perfect. However, I can't explain why, but as I was writing, I wasn't just thinking of Matthew McConaughey. I was thinking, specifically, "Matthew McConaughey on a beach doing yoga."

This is what it's like to live in my brain. (shudder)

paintergirl said...

MM doing yoga is very strange thought and very funny as well. In your head yoga, my head MM driving with that cheesy hair-do. He is perfect for this song and god bless ya for getting it out of your head and putting it into mine.

Jocelyn said...

I find snow shoveling very therapeutic--all rhythm and sweat and new sculptures with every throw.

Grace Kelley would shovel in a cute little pea coat, with a cashmere scarf around her neck. And she'd make engaging small talk with all around her.

paintergirl said...

Hi Jocelyn-
I have to look at it wih your eyes. I like that-theraputic.
And god bless you for the Grace Kelly insight. I need that image today since I'm feeling rather clunky and out of sorts. Grace and Audrey are forever inspirational. As shallow as that sounds. Thank you jocelyn!

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