04 December 2006

she threw it in my face, just for a laugh...

Bad day yesterday. My son was sick. It's never fun when you are sick, it becomes downright scary when your child is throwing up and has a temp. I kept thinking in my head, "Are we going to have to take him to the hospital?"

He's better today, but most definitely no school.

The new hairdo pic will come. I might take it today. Still not thrilled. More later. I keep thinking about all the haircuts I've had.

Had a snow flurry this morning. I'm sure people in the midwest don't want to hear about a stinking flurry.


Anonymous said...

I'm worried about your hair.

marybishop said...

Hope your son is feeling better and your hair woes are coming to an end!

JC said...

I too hope your son gets better and that no one else gets sick. And I hope the hair works out OK. Bad haircuts suck!

acumamakiki said...

sorry your boy is sick ~ there's nothing worse and i'm glad to hear his fever is going down.
hair angst sucks....

paintergirl said...

margaret-don't be worried
mb-he now has a cold and still staying home
jc-oh my throat is all scratchy now. and not from staying out all night drinking in a smokey bar.
kiki-he's happy because he can sit a watch cartoons. we are usually out of the house in the morning doing errands, today we are home bound.

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