05 December 2006

Rocking around around the Christmas...

Ok so it's not as bad as I led everyone to believe. It's not a hack job. But...I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this haircut. I told him I wanted a Louise Brooks and he had no clue. Shouldn't it be against the law for a hairdresser to not know this actress who made this classic bob cut famous? I'll admit, I'm tough with this.

So here I was sitting in the chair, he's blow drying and chatting, and in my polite way I said, "I have to ask you something, are you going to give me bangs?"

I had pictures! Then the bangs were way too long, and I said shorter please. I never ever have stylists redo things, but this time I did and it's still not right. So let me tell you what is not right. There needs to be more bangs. The hair flips are too much in my face. And the back, needs to be VERY angled. If I could fix this myself I would.

Once I went to,(and it was the last time), to some hair cuttery zoo place in Hotlanta, and the gods must have been upset with me because they gave me the worst stylist ever. She was and I cannot make this up Miss Swan from MADTV.
I had pictures for another haircut, and she cut my hair exactly like hers. I was so upset. I think I was going to a Flaming Lips concert that night. I was horrified.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the hair cut, and the red tree.... and the miss swan thing is scary.

acumamakiki said...

ok, i really like your hair. but i hear you when you know it's not right...i'm just like this.
it's also why i still go to the city to get my haircut.

marybishop said...

It is very cute, but you have nailed the reasons why it isn't all Louise Brooks. I say try one more time...and tell them exactly what you wrote here.

But if you have given up on perfection, let me say it is "tres chic," an adorable style in of itself.

You look like a fetching gamine!

JC said...

I think it looks good. But if it's not right to you, that's what matters. I'm no hair expert, fo' sho'.

paintergirl said...

margaret-thanks but it's not right and I'm getting a little used to it but I don't think I can go back to him. Oh and I love my tree too. It's pink and it's very dear to me.

kiki-I may have to go to the city for a hair correction cut. Where do you go? Is it in the village? I forget these things.

Thanks Mary-I can't go back. After the repeated corrections, I just can't. I thought my hairdresser was somewhat in the know, but all he really wants is blow drys and sets. Sad.

jc-thanks jc. I will have to correct this once I feel better.

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