22 November 2006

It's just another alibi...

It's the first time I have ever joined in a blogging tradition. Thanks Neil!

Second Annual Thanksgiving "Thank Your First Commenter Day".

Mine came from Melvin and I didn't know who Melvin was for a couple of months.

The original post.

Wisenheimer brain storm

Well at least that's how I thought a Cars song went. Today-again I'm driving down Route 6, (I'm always driving 6) and there was a huge tractor trailer with its whole roof ripped off. It was like God decided to rip the top of this truck clean off. And let me tell you, I think he is a little angry.

posted by paintergirl at 1:44 PM

paintergirl said...

so I asked my hubby-and he says it's brain store and called me a nerd for thinking it was storm. I like storm better.

1:34 PM

itsmelvin said...

no, i'm pretty sure it's brain STORM. your husband sounds like the nerd. does he even like the cars?

I know what you are thinking, but I commented first. Well that doesn't count.

So Melvin, crazy Melvin thanks for commenting because I don't know if I would have continued blogging.


Anonymous said...

If there was a brain store, I'd go.

JC said...

I see pilgrims!

Anonymous said...

Malerei is such a good name for painting. And Malermadchen is even better.

paintergirl said...

margaret-I'd be the first in line at the brain store. Still sounds like a Flaming Lips song to me.

jc-I know-the only Pilgrims in Westchester County. I bought these ages ago at Publix in Atlanta. I miss Publix. Reading your blog, you have Kroger right? I miss K-R-G-R Kroger radio. Do they still pipe the music in like that?

david-I think I'm going to have everyone call me Malermadchen. Hey maybe I should have a gallery and that will be the name. Hey your BIG show is coming up. I bet you are very jazzed. Best of luck and good wishes to you mate!

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate. I booked to have next week off ages ago, just in case I needed to do mad last minute preparation (as you do), but I'm all sussed. It's very weird. Makes me think there's something really important I've forgotten.

Malermadchen it is. Definitely. Great name.

The brain store's buried underneath the Himalayas - full of great big vats containing the brains of Leonardo, Goethe, Duchamp, etc. They just hang out and watch what we're up to, whinging how's it not like back in their day.

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