27 November 2006

'Cause the things you do my goodbye girl...

Some various things from the nice long weekend.

I think we saw 100 movies.
Once Upon a Time in the West Super film!!

Dazed and Confused very funny, and very typical of this time period in the states (Lilly this would be a really funny film for you to see)

Very Bad Things
Very bad and not so funny.

Mostly Martha German and a lovely little movie centered around food. Eating soup can be sensuous.

The Goodbye Girl Richard Dreyfuss is not too annoying. It's a decent story. NYC in the 70's. I wanted to see this because this song kept going around and around my head.

These are jellyfish from the Norwalk Aquarium. We used to live in this city and nothing town hasn't changed much. The aquarium is fun though. Sharks and jellyfish.

We went to Hudson, New York on Saturday. A very cute town north of us. Had lunch at a place called Mexican Radio. Yummy. Anytime I can have a real margarita, I'm thrilled.

Oh and no Macy's Day parade for us. The little man had been fighting a cold for a week and I was not about to take him out in the drizzly cold rain. I think I'm the one who likes the balloons anyway.

*And how could I forget-we had The Last Waltz on Thanksgiving night. A new tradition I have started for the family.


acumamakiki said...

I didn't go to the parade either although Holli et al did and they were certainly water-logged!
I wonder if Mexican Radio is the same restaurant that was in the city in Nolita years ago.......
sounds like a fun weekend.

Susannah said...

these photos are amazing! just popping by to say thanks for visiting my wee blog - it's good to find you :-) x

paintergirl said...

kiki! It is the same restuarant. One in NYC and one in Hudson. Very nice hangout.

susannah-Nice to see you-I like your blog too. I could sit in a room full of jellies in a tank. They look so peaceful.

JC said...

I love that photo of the orange jellyfish.

I just watched Once Upon a Time in the West for the first time this past spring.

paintergirl said...

jc-the orange jellies moved FAST. They were very pretty.
Isn't that film fantastic?! The whole beginning is like some graphic novel. Shot after shot is so perfect.

Lilly said...

Thank you for the tip, PG :-) Always appreciated. I am so bad at watching films though. Alan is totally into films and always has been; but often he has to spend a whole evening talking me into watching a film which, of course, I end up enjoying immensely! LOL!

paintergirl said...

I think you'd like this movie. I probbaly should have been a film major myself.

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