07 February 2006

Broken on a ship of fools...

..even dreams must fall to rules..so stupidly.

Today I just may have solved any of my financial woes. As I was crossing the street in my stupid little town, a huge white paneled truck screeched to a stop as my 3 year old and I dashed across the road. I looked to see who the crazy ass driver was and it was Richard Butler. Oh yes, it was him. He was in town picking up paintings from a local a gallery.


Richard said...

Well, I hope in response you let out a good, "Ahhh..... SSSSSsssssssssssssssss!!!"

The Psychdelic Furs did an outdoor show in Minneapolis about two years ago, and I walked by during their soundcheck. They sounded pretty damn good, actually, and as I walked down Nicollet Mall, I could hear "It's a Heartbreak Beat-Beat-Beat..." echoing down the avenue.

paintergirl said...

Very funny. You know I was in shock really. Not too many white guys drive around in paneled trucks. He was dressed for the part too, knit cap, dickies. I'm glad you stopped by R!

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