27 January 2006

It's guaranteed to raise a smile...

I'll admit I was having a bad day. If I have to call Melvin at work to complain, you know it's bad. No sooner did I get off the phone with him, the mail arrived. I had a PACKAGE-from Wales!

Background story for this. Melvin told me to check out the Superfurry site

Now we have this voice changer. No I didn't steal it from Gruff. One-I have never visited Bangor and two-I've never seen SFA. Melvin gave me the sort of ok to send this and I sent a letter to SFA telling them if they did not find a replacement, I would send them mine. Heard back from them saying they haven't fond one and in return they would send me anything I wanted. I asked for the re-release of Radiator. 2 months went by and I was about to write SFA off my list. And then I received this.

They sent me all the new reissues and their solo records too. As well as some pins and a nice letter as well. Made my day and got me out of the doldrums.


itsmelvin said...

let me be the first to say 'nice package'

acumamakiki said...

Very cool! My husband loves the band (he's the mixmaster in this house) and he'll love this story.

acumamakiki said...

um, why do you have/had a voice changer?

paintergirl said...

Oh melvin you are so silly. Should I measure it and pretend I'm Kingsley?

Acu-SFA are pretty good indeed. The Gruff solo is very pop, and all in Welsh. Do I have to answer question? Am I under surveillence?

Lilly said...

F**KING HELL!! That is so cool -- you will have to excuse my terrible language; but I couldn't help that outburst.

How sweet of you to send them your voice changer -- and how sweet of Gruff to send all that stuff :-D
--> That's bound to make anyone's day :-D

SFA rock -- they truly do! I've only seen them once -- that was in the summer of '97. They had that cool tank with them and all.

paintergirl said...

Hey ya Lilly-that was my sentiment exactly(can swearing be a sentiment?)

Sometimes, if you are nice, someone will be nice back.

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