10 October 2005

Scratch the scandals in the twilight...

This should be in the sidebar. Still reading "Breakfast". Went through about 6 mags this weekend. A couple of Dwells, Real Simples and some trendy ones. I felt I accomplished something.

Watched "Finding Neverland" and "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie".
The first one was very good. Great story. And everyone is so bloody charming, the children especially.

The second flick, was a library find and well, Cassavetes directed it and he was a man ahead of his time. This movie is good and strange. Ben Gazzara plays Cosmo a strip club owner in 1970 LA. Check it out. It's worth it, really.

I'm finishing some things up on this very gloomy chilly Monday.

You progress like the rising sun.
The brighter your virtue, the higher you rise.


laurenbove said...

Yes, very gloomy and chilly Monday. Makes my bones ache. I wish I had spent it doing the things you did. I just went to the gym, fruitlessly...ran errands and became overly irritated...put away groceries...had glass of wine...felt much better.

I'm thinking of arranging a blogger party in a location betwixt us. You, acumama, mb, me and anyone else in the tristate. You think it would fly?

oOo said...

I'll have to check out the bookie movie. Neverland is on my list for this month. I kind of suck for not having seen it yet.

Rose said...

Hello! I'm not dead. Just grotty work piling up making my life hell.

Must check out the Cassavettes film. He's one director I keep meaning to check out. Always one I read about and have never seen any of his films. Recommendations?

We've been making our way through a box set of Werner Herzog films - some we've seen before, but most we haven't. It's been very enjoyable so far.

Hope you are well!

acumamakiki said...

Oh, PLEASE,PLEASE arrange a blogger party ~ it is my dream to meet you girls.....I will drive to you LB.

PG, I'm planning on watching Finding Neverland tonight.

paintergirl said...

LB-Yes yes we should have a party. We could meet in the city maybe? I would love to meet you guys. We'll probably burn the house down!

ooo-the bookie movie is really cool. His camera angles and the roughness was far beyond his contempories.

rose-I'm so glad you stopped by. I can't think of any other Cassavetes film we've seen except Chinese Bookie. I want to see Woman Under the Influence and Faces. I'll let you know. What Herzog's are you watching? Have you seen his latest? Don't work too hard my dear friend.

Acu-wouldn't it be fun? I hope you like Neverland. There is Depp...

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