07 October 2005

Lions always hit the heights...

Why is it when you are laying in bed at night your limbs feel like they are concrete?
If you think about moving them, you know you'll never be able to.

Why are Mondays so bad? I have been at home for 5 years now, and still Mondays are painful.

Why do I remember the capitols of countries but I cannot keep track of our own 50 states?

Until I figure out how to control my sidebar, I wanted to tell everyone what I've watched, read, and have been listening to.

We just watched Frida and THX 1138.

Listening to Super Furry Animals"LoveCraft", Love and Rockets, and Tiger Lillies.

Reading "Breakfast of Champions". I could list the 10 other books that are sitting on my side of the bed, but I find it so sad that I have abandoned them.

Which brings me to something in my personality which I didn't realize I do. My husband pointed out to me I abandon desserts. If I have a craving for something, I'll make it. If I get another craving I'll make that, and I will abandon the first dessert. How sad. I realize I do this with all sort of things. I should strive for completion and then move on.


echrai said...

I do the same thing. You're not alone in the "it's easier and more interesting to start things than finish them" category. I have to FORCE myself to get things (not work or school related things, that is) to completion. I have about 7 knitting or crocheting projects in progress right now. With my spare time? I'll be lucky if I get 2-3 done.

Gothamimage said...

"Breakfast of Champions"
Never read that, but I do have many books piling up on the list of things to read. I am not alone in that regard. I was very puzzled by your comment about touring. Amused, because I can't figure our what you mean. Monday musings?

acumamakiki said...

How the fuck do you control the sidebar? I'd love to make lists of things I'm reading, etc. but haven't a clue. It's amazing that I can blog roll, link or post a picture. In fact, I was going to try to play with sidebar code tonight. Until I forgot. (=

Ball of Confusion? That's what I am today, hey hey!

oOo said...

Starting stuff is fun.

Finishing it is best left to people with like, patience.

paintergirl said...

Echrai-Oh you knit, very groovy. hey Acu-don't you knit too? I think I would really like to try, but that would be one too many things that I like to do. I am, at the moment, trying to complete unfinished projects. And you added me to your sidebar, you are so sweet. I still can't figure it out, but I will.

gothamimage-Was my comment cryptic enough? Tell me, do you live in LA but your heart is in New York?

acu-Good grief, I cannot even blog roll! Post a pix, yes. And that song, I used to think it was only done by Love and Rockets. Sad. Now I know better.

ooo-Hey thanks for dropping by. Starting stuff is great, I'm really good at that. But I need to complete projects. I have really strong Aries tendencies in that way.

I love your airplane photos too. Very funny.

Gothamimage said...

LA? Nope. That was puzzling. Nothing against LA, but I haven't been there in years.

Rose said...

Vonnegut. Love him. Read his short stories "Welcome to the Monkey House"? That was my introduction to his writing.

Lilly said...

Aries -- I live with one :-) And even though I am not myself and Aries, I too know that feeling of cannot be bothered with whatever and let's move on to something else....

Breakfast of Champions -- hey, you've gotta finish that one! One of my all-time fave books. Love it.

Good luck finishing all those desserts :-)

[I actually started knitting a red and white stripey scarf when I was like 11 -- it's STILL NOT COMPLETED!!!]

paintergirl said...

Gotham-I had a crazy notion...

Rose-Yea Rose is back. I know, must read more.

Lilly-So happy you dropped by. The desserts are going well. In fact I made a french coffee cake and shard some with a neighbor. Nothing got moldy and no one was forced to eat more cake than humanly possible.

Lilly said...

LOL @ the 'nothing got moldy' bit :-) Nice one.

Listen, that French coffee cake sounds wonderfully delicious -- you got the recipe?

Something French + coffee + cake = it's got to be good!

paintergirl said...

I'm glad you caught the moldy part.

Funny thing about the coffee cake, I can't really figure out why it's french. Sounds more exotic that way. I'd be happy to send you the recipe. It's very easy to make.

Gothamimage said...

"You're a lengend in your own mind," my girlfriend used to joke. Glad to see others have such "crazy notions" too.

Now, about my next album..... j/k

paintergirl said...

ok gotham-I really had you as an actor/something or other/political activist. I'm really insane. It's all the broken glass around here.

Gothamimage said...

Maybe Uncle Jebb's moonshine is mixing takin' its toll j/k

Any good artist has to have some crazy notions - maybe you were not literally right, but you were metaphorically correct, like an insightful painter. I may be full of BS when I blog about x,y, z - but I am putting on a show. All the blogs a stage, a we bloggers are players.

Speaking of painting, Uncle Jebb thinks that's a very interesting painting that you posted. Subject to all sorts of interpretations. When he's feeling all bookish, he's figure it out. Meanwhile, he'll go back to his tattered copy of Walter Benjamin and his moonshine.

paintergirl said...

Walter Benjamin....mmmm? Only professors read Benjamin. Is this a clue?

Lilly said...

Paintergirl --> I'd very much appreciate it if you would send me the recipe, thanks :-) You can mail it to me at lilly.geo AT yahoo.com [I don't want to type the address 'cos I get enough wham-bam-spam mail as it is!]


Gothamimage said...

Only professors? Really?
What about pseudo-intellectuals?
Benjamin is de riguer. Maybe you should us Benjamin and Lukacs for you DAR book club?

paintergirl said...

Lilly-I'll send you the recipe. It still makes me giggle that it is called French Coffee Cake.

Gotham-Not a professor...mmmsuch a mystery.
Ya know, I really didn't think the DARS were that old and conservative, but..wow. I mean I'm getting some gray hairs but this was crazy. I think reading Benjamin would make them start sewing flags on all articles of clothing, not to mention they would have no idea who he was. Oh, and I forgot to tell you I have homework and I have to read Yankee Doodle Boy. Can you believe this? I'll read it, but I am not, I repeat, I am not going to take care of soldiers in my basement, or pretend I am a man to fight any battles. I fight enough battles as a woman.

Lilly said...

Yup - it's a great name! :-D
Thanks a lot, PG -- I look forward to that...

Gothamimage said...

Pretty funny- I'm a big fan of early Americana - Brother Jonathan and Uncle Sam, Yankee Doodle and the Sons of Liberty. It's funny to see such revolutionaries co-opted. That's life. Who is that woman behid the eyeglass book? Hmmmm.

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