28 October 2005

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take...

Originally uploaded by paintergirl1.
Before I go to bed at night, I look at photos of a small German town called Duisburg.

I wish to have dreams of this town.

For what reason, I'm not sure. I saw these photos and now I have visions and I long to create another world.

And in my visions, I place dinasaurs sculptures outside in the snow.

Wouldn't that be an inspiring site?


acumamakiki said...

Love these drawings. I think your art speaks to me. Thank you for the TFF reference on my blog. (=

Lilly said...

I long to create another world -- me too, Paintergirl.

And I think we must never give up that thought, and we must never stop striving towards that goal......

Take care. You seem like such a sweet person :-)

paintergirl said...

Acu-thanks-I'm so glad you like my drawings. My problem is I need to do it everyday. And TFF has been on my brain. It's watching Donnie Darko again, I think is what did it.

lilly-You're right-we never should give up. We may get off the path every now and then, but we need to keep going. I bet you are sweet too. My husband said I should have an art company named Sweet Art, but I have found so many bakeries with that name. Isn't that funny?

marybishop said...

How about Bitter Sweet Art...

Great drawings... more please!

laurenbove said...

Hey cool name mb. Paintergirl... I like the dino. Reminds me of "Relic". I was just watching last night.

echrai said...

dinos make me happy. I like the art and I, like you, wish to create another world. I dream them, often.

Gothamimage said...

Dinosaurs? Very telling. That's your atavistic yearing coming thru. Paleontolgy is the opiate of the paintergirl.

Lilly said...

Dear Paintergirl --- I stopped by today to send some good positive and happy vibrations in your direction :-D

paintergirl said...

Hello everyone
I'm just feeling off lately and trying not to feel sorry for myself, and stop complaining. I'll be back soon in my old sarcastic self. You guys are all very sweet to me and I appreciate it!

MB-Bitter sweet-I think I have become that. Why have I become this way? Driving down the road and the lovely golden leaves fall, my eyes get teary.
I wasn't always this way.

LB-Thanks man. I really dig dinos too. I haven't seen Relic-was it good?

echrai-Dinos are amazing aren't they?
We just went to the Museum of Naural History and saw the fantabulous exhibit there. I could live in that museum.

Gotham-I don't know where to begin...I wanted to be a scientist but my family discouraged me so I said fine, I'll be an artist. I was 8. Not just paleontolgy but anything related to science is my opiate. (Nice description too) Painting releases and sometimes conjures up my demons.

lilly-sweet lilly. I didn't mean to worry you. I'm fine, just dealing with mommy/wife/big girl stuff so I can then have some fun. Sometimes all my adult world gets too overwhelming and I have to take a few steps back and get my shit together. Congrats on the college printing your thesis. That is very cool!

Lilly said...

Thanks a lot, Paintergirl :-)

Make sure that you take a few steps forward towards us again once you've gotten your 'shit together' :-)

I think we can all relate to feeling too overwhelmed at times -- take it easy. We'll still be here when things in your life have calmed down a bit. And if you need to get a load off your chest, we're also here :-)

Gothamimage said...

Your artwork looks interesting. Tells a lot. I could elaborate, but since you said "I don't know where to begin..." maybe I should quite while I'm ahead.

paintergirl said...

Lilly you a dear one. I'm still here and pouting.

Gotham-oh do tell if you have the time. I'd like another viewpoint. maybe you'll make me feel smart.

Lilly said...


Gothamimage said...

Feel smart? Don't you already think you're smart? You seem that way. Artists are often tough on themselves, because they live by their imagination, while our modern oworld focuses less on imagination power and more on will power. So the artist is sometimes out of place, feeling appendedge-like, while the modern machine roars. Intellectually you know this is meaningless, that you should still feel confident, but sometimes heart competes with head.

Gothamimage said...

"Painting releases and sometimes conjures up my demons."

You should elaborate on this. How would this apply to your previous painting - posted a few posts back? How would it apply to Dinos?

paintergirl said...

Hmmm...well I'm a complicated artist. Dinos is a sort of study and it's out there, I can't change that. It's also part of an idea I have for a graphic novel. Very different for me, yet something I want to do. Now, for me to really think it's something great, I need to hit that white light and go with it. Studies are meant, for me, to get used to the object and it's nuances. Then when I paint, I already know it's basic shape, and that's when the spirits come out. I know I'm crazy.

Gothamimage said...

That's the way I feel when I want to write something - but I have to put the thought aside and let it cool down, because 9 out of 10 things I think of are too ridiculous.

Speaking of Dinosaurs - very good idea for a book - The Museum of Natural History is a place to go for inspiration - incidentally, they are actually controversial now - because the Darwin exhibit is considered to pro-Darwin and too bias against Creationism that they have not been able to get corporate sponsors.

So here's an idea:

"for me to really think it's something great, I need to hit that white light ... Studies are meant, for me, to get used to the object and it's nuances...I already know it's basic shape, and that's when the spirits come out. I know I'm crazy."

It's pretty crazy that the Mus. of Nat. History has become controversial. Mostly due to spirts that implicitly contend with your crazy spirits. So have you vision clash with others, so you can free the Dinosaurs, who were abandoned by their Corporate Guardians and imprisoned by Controversy. J/K

paintergirl said...

Funny you should say Museum of Natural History, because that happens to be a favorite place of mine. I could live there. I'm working on a little side project about the museum. All my projects are side projects. free the dinosaurs, maybe that will be another project. I like it!

"9 out of 10 things are too ridiculous"
that's why you have to get them out and to just see them. That's the way I feel. Sometimes I think all my ideas are brilliant, and then when I actually get them out, oh, I think they are so so.

David said...

Story. That's bloody brilliant. That's what I need to do more - just get it down and out of your head.

Do you know this Philip Guston quote?

'[I]t doesn't occur to many viewers that the artist often has difficulty accepting the painting [them]self.

'You can't assume that I gloried in it, or celebrated it. I didn't. I am a night painter, so when I get into the studio the next morning the delirium is over. I come into the studio very fearfully, I creep in to see what happened the night before. And the feeling is one of, "My god, did I do that!?" That's the only measure I have. The kind of shaking, trmbling of... that's me? I did that?'

(Oh, and the third comment in a row is quite enough from me. Sorry.)

David said...

'Trmbling' - unbelievable.

Oh yeah, 'the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had' is one of the best lines ever. That song was used for a water safety campaign last summer (it's impossible to live more than an hour or so from the sea, so we get the odd drowning), but it wasn't the kiss of death using songs for ads usually is (hmm, that's a pretty bad choice of words, but hey).

(This is it this time, honest.)

paintergirl said...

David and Rose-you two are quite a pair!

The Guston quote is so eerily true. Sometimes I think little people have gone into the attic and messed about with some of my things. And the disarray of all all my supplies. You'd think a madman had been up there.

trmbling-you crack me up-it's a sort of shorthand for blog world.

That song runs in my head way too much. The remake for Donnie Darko really gets to me. I would probably cry everytime I saw the PSA commercial. Way too sensitve I am.

David said...

I stuff brushes on a disturbingly regular basis. I reckon you get so involved in stuff that you forget basic things like that at the time, and have no idea what you've done later.

Gothamimage said...

Glad to see I was a catalyst of sorts.

paintergirl said...

You know i was just commeting to my husband that sometimes I don't remeber where I have drawn things. I use whatever is available. It's terrible. I drew our X-mas card and searched the attic for it-it was in my notebook downstairs the whole time.

Gotham-you are good for that. A fire starter.

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