14 October 2005

Baby...I've been...breaking glass in your room again

This rain is bringing about some very nasty things. It's like an evil fog. Please just go away. Rain has negative ions in them and thus reacts badly to people, causing everyone to be in such sour puss moods.

My little one broke another glass. Oh yes, and MB, I went straight to Ebay and found a whole set for 2 dollars. Love eBay. And not a moment too soon.

And now for a play called "Get That Thing off my Neck Mommie"

Scene 1-Last night something horrible occurred in the household. I was washing my son's hair, and what did I find? A TICK!!! I don't think I handled it very well. I was in a panic. The little blood sucker was going at it on my son's sweet little neck. I screamed, not good, because then he screamed. He then became terrified of the tweezers I was brandishing.
I removed part of it, before the head thrashing started.

Scene 2-Dad arrives. Mom has to lay on top of toddler while dad tries to remove part of tick still on the neck of our child. There is a lot of screaming and sweating and still not all of the tick is removed.

Scene 3-Doctors office this morning. Same idea. Mom lays on top of son while nurse holds his head while the doctor tries to remove pieces. Most removed, there is a bit left. Now he is taking an antibiotic just in case.

And as a bit of fluff just to liven this whole bloody tick glass filled day...

A new Bond has been picked. Daniel Craig. Who you ask is Daniel Craig. I don't know either. He's so blah and bland that we're all in shock. I screamed. I have been screaming a lot lately. Clive Owen has been robbed. He would have been the PERFECT Bond.


marybishop said...

Well a thumbs up for finding your glasses my dear, but oy..ticks give me the willies. I detest ticks and am terrified of them. You were so brave but your poor little boy must have thought the adults had lost their minds.

I once had a head-tick summer - tick after tick found its way to my head. Even my dentist noticed one on the top of my head that had been there a while, so he said.

Apparently the little tick didn't mind hair washing, conditioner or a blow dryer...just burrowed in deeper and deeper. ICK

(Since I'm your neighbor here in CT - I know all about rain crabbiness..it's rampant around here...and of course, as I type this it's pouring...)

acumamakiki said...

I'm glad you got more glasses and I'm sorry that your boy got a tick bite....they freak the shit out of me and I always wonder if I'd even know one if confronted.....

Hoping the rain stopped in your neck of the woods, we're drying out here in NJ!

echrai said...

Holy horror sucker! I hate those things to begin with - on me or on the dog they gross me out and freak me out. On a toddler?! EEP! NOOOOOO!

laurenbove said...

Oh my...we've all had the tick here. I hope no one gets the lyme...T's the only one that's actually developed that.

sun's finally out...hope you're all drying out and feeling well.


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paintergirl said...

MB-I'm so happy about the glasses too. I'm cutting down on our clutter, but if my son is breaking the clutter...
How icky for you to have ticks. Stupid gross insects.

The tick...I'm still having bad dreams about the little bugger.

Acu-"The Tick that ate Peekskill" will be my son's first movie. And a giant pair of tweezers will be looming in the background. I really hope I did not mess him up with the screaming and the tweezers.

echrai-I freak out too whenever I see one. I panic when the dog gets one, can you imagine on your child? Holy crap. I can't even begin to tell everyone what a lunitic episode I had.

LB-Right after your basement flooded, ours did too. After broken glass and tick came the floods. At least that was my 3 bad things in a row. And yes the sun is shining and we've all been out for a nice long walk.

Does T have to take anything for Lyme?

laurenbove said...

Yes, He had to take antibiotics for 28 days. I forget what type. It was really great b/c his symptoms developed when he was vacationing away from me on an island on the other side of the country away from where they even know what deer ticks are and lyme disease is nonexistant. (Orcas Island off Oregon) Doc's freaked b/c they didn't know what it was at first and he was so ill from taking the puddle jumpers, it was a nightmare.

Lilly said...

Eeeewww, ticks are really horrific like! Hope the wee one is ok again? I can just imagine the whole scenario as you describe it. The screaming and one scream triggering another scream etc.
Please give us an update.....

My friend once had one on her back. I managed to identify the little f**ker since I've seen them numerous times, digging their greedy blood-suckingness into my dad's dogs...yuk!

I hope the rain is not getting you too down. As much as I love rain -- I know the effect of LONGTERM rain, not just on the surroundings but certainly also on the mind.

Lilly said...

How's your son doing now, Paintergirl?

paintergirl said...

Update on the little man-he's fine so far. He's on antibiotica for a week just in case, and then I have to look for signs. He was fine after the whole incident-I wasn't. He was running around naked pushing cars, I'm trying not to break down and cry. Thanks for asking Lilly!

Lilly said...

Thanks for the quick reply -- good to hear the wee one back to normal again. I'm sure he'll be fine and I'll keep my fingers crossed :-)

And I also hope you'll be fine. It must be very scary and emotional when your kid's health is at risk...Hey, let hubby look after the kids while you relax in a hot bath and pamper yourself with some essential oils and a mug of camomile tea :-) It will do you good, I am sure.

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