27 September 2005

With 2 cats in the yard...

Ode to Little Mouse

My cat adores you
He runs about

Allowing you to
get all tangled up

So pretty and gray
with little pink feet

I think you may have
been playing dead
so as not to be a treat

I must admitt
that I'm proud of
my cat

Who has one fang left
and claws that are cracked.


echrai said...

This is so cute. Have you ever heard Copeland's "Cat and Mouse?" It's a piano piece I have ALWAYS adored. I loved playing it for children's audiences so you could explain the story, but this poem fits it so perfectly that it's just wonderful.

paintergirl said...

Hey Echrai-I have never heard of this. I will have to go and find it now. I'm glad you like my poem. I'm really kind of bad at this sort of thing, but was inspired and proud of my little black cat.

acumamakiki said...

I love your poem, it immediately reminded me of another favorite cat poem that ends like this....

mousies what I love to eat,
bite their little heads off,
nibble on their tiny feet!


paintergirl said...

I especially like nibble on their tiny feet. Oh poor mousie...

Vajana said...

okay I am totally scared of mice, but I liked your poem.

paintergirl said...

Mice really? Rats are far worse. I don't think I could write a poem about a rat.

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