23 September 2005

Oh it's such a perfect day...

I am HIGHLY irritated at the moment. I (we) have had such a lovely day. We went to Music Together, then played with friends in the park, lunched, and went to the library. Pretty nice and I'm very lucky to do this with my little man.

Now here's the thing, I just received our electric bill for Aug-Sept and it is HIGHER than any other time. Why is this? Because of something called Market Supply Price has almost doubled in 2 months. I used the air conditioner maybe twice in the past month and it's still higher. I'm livid. I emailed Con Edison to explain this in plain English to me. I asked them if they were price gouging. I'm in trouble now, I know it. But I am sick and tired of paying too much for EVERYTHING!

And...Halburton is one of the companies getting our money to clean up New Orleans!! Can you f-ing believe this? And we're still getting screwed. And no one cares.

To top this off, the pressure has finally gotten to W. Yep he's drinking again. I do not feel sorry for this pitiful excuse of a man. What is scary though is this man is DRINKING. He was bad when he was sober. Who knows what he'll do. Apparently like a lot of alcoholics he has a very bad temper. Isn't that a frightening thought? Do you think he has bitch slapped Cheney?


acumamakiki said...

Really?? W has started on the sauce again? Where did you read that?? What is his family saying, or is Laura boozing it up in solidarity? I wish Cheney would be bitch-slapped.

echrai said...

Now THAT is the kind of celebrity/political trash I like to hear about. I second pretty much all of acumamakiki's questions/statement. :) Precisely my reaction to the Cheney question.

paintergirl said...

Ok-so it's in the Enquirer, but it's also in the Drudge report as well. I think I'm going to remove this post because it makes me look bad because I'm always bitching about the prices of things. I still think it's true about W.

defiant goddess said...

I care. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it. We had our chance in November and more than half the country effin blew it.

marybishop said...

I hope it is true, I want to see that guy go down and he's bad enough sober...can't imagine him with a buzz!

paintergirl said...

I know...if it is true..and he's falling down drunk...we are doomed.

Gothamimage said...

I doubt Bush is drinking. Then again, I generally give him more credit than most critics do, in personal matters.

Neverthless, don't count on those drink rumors -it's one of the supermarket tabs. It may be true, but who knows?

I credit Bush for his calling it quits on booze, but there is much about the official narrative that sounds like it was altered.

It's often said in the media that Bush quit when he was 40. Maybe, maybe not. Maybet he quite when he was *around* 40, because there are others that say it was later.

But 40 is a symbolic number - Moses was 40 when he was assigned his mission. There are other things, but I don't really know what to believe.

This is all speculation - no one really knows what the truth. I never read those tell all books, but I recall the review of Kitty' Kelly's book; she said Laura was quite the party girl back in the day. Some of the stories were funny, if true.

But I always cut Laura slack. I like her. So what if she gots a little wild from time to time.

How come no one speculated about Cheney? He had more scrapes with the law than Dubya did, yet he was able to tweak his image in this regard in the way that Dubya could not.

paintergirl said...

Hey gothamimage-
Always a delight for you to stop by.

I don't think Bush has ever stopped drinking. You would like to believe in people, especially the president of our country, but in his case, I have doubts. So I can say I really don't believe the rumors either. I also don't believe he is a real Christian, but let's save that for later.

I'm surprised you like Laura. Maybe she was a party girl. That would explain the attraction between her and her man. She is the smarter one, only because she's read more books, and that was her JOB. She is a snob, just like her mother-in-law and a sorority one at that. Where are our Eleanor Roosevelt'?

Oh and Cheney...he just looks like he has a sinister past. He looks like he should be in a Frank Miller comic. His scary little mouth all twisted, defibrillator about to burst out of his chest. Look what you done to me...now I'm creating these wretched images in my head.

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