20 September 2005

Vote for me and I'll set you free...

So I know I do not always have the best outlook on life. It's a struggle with me, always has been. I can't escape that. I tend to be fatalistic, sarcastic and down right melancholic at times. As well as angry (that's kind of a new one)

Now, this is thing. I don't have any best friends. I really haven't had one since college. Very sad. I know. I'm not a fru-fru girl (if there is a paintergirl out there you is fru-fru, bring her forth) I'm really a bit of a tomboy. Almost 40 and I still think I'm 25.

Back to the friends. I went to my first DAR meeting. (Daughters of the American Revolution.) What is so darn funny with that is almost everyone there was over 70. Not exactly the place for me to find a best friend. These are all very religious women, who wear crosses (not for vampire slaying mind you) and little flag pins. I went to this because I thought I could be the one to help change the way the DARS are. Maybe yes, maybe no. It's too soon to tell.

My second BIG chance at best friendom is a "Celebration of Life" party. Doesn't that make you want to go and read "American Psycho"? So it's for a neighbor and she is due in October. She has a boy a year younger than my son. We went to his b'day party and they came to our son's. I like them. I do, but it's their friends that drive me out of my mind. Upon meeting this one woman, she greets me with "Oh, you're a designer too" in that condescending manner that only sorority girls know how pull off.
Well, I am not going to this "Party" but I still keep receiving these chain emails from all the gals. My sorority buddy pipes up and says "I'll make pork tederloin, unless anyone objects."

Who the F makes pork tenderloin grandma? I object since I hate pork and I, um don't eat meat! Woulnd't here usually be something more party friendly?

I know I'm going to miss out on a real humdinger of a party, with sparkling cider and pork. (MMM..pork) I just want to kick back and have a beer with my husband. Is that so wrong?


Rose said...

Your second paragraph sums me up. Scary. 'Cept I don't paint. Oh well. Do you worry that you're not growing up like you should? Sometimes I do. But mostly I like that I still feel the same. I wonder what it's like in other peoples heads.

Your DAR experience sounded unnerving. Ditto to the neighbour's party. I'd go for the beer. Chain emails. Shudder.

MoMMY said...

Can I be a tomboy if I hate physical activity? Cause I totally am. I was just discussing with my husband that I lost all my guy friends somewhere along the way. I've always had more guy friends than girl friends. But no more. And no real best friend except my husband.

Wish we lived closer. I could use a best friend. Especially one who is an artist.

acumamakiki said...

Wish we lived closer to, I would be your best friend assuming of course that you wanted me as yours. (=

As for finding friends in your town, girlfriend I'm with you that it's hard and most of the women SUCK! I'm continually reminded of high school cliques or sororities (which I didn't join)and hated them then, still do.

I give my heart away too easily to women that I want to be friends with. I'm not looking for more friends for my girl, I want friends for ME!

I joined this dorky group called Mother's & More, don't know if they have a chapter up near you, but I've met 2 women that I've become good friends with. I feel pretty lucky for that.

paintergirl said...

Hey-I wish you guys could be my best friends!

I am left though with the DARS and snobby girls who add too much drama to everything. Why do some people make things extra difficult? Isn't life already tough? Why do girls have to be so bitchy?

Rose-My hubby and I always talk about the not growing up issue. We sort of are responsible(sometimes), but what are we really going to do with our lives. That's our problem. We're trying to live someone else's idea of being an artist. It's hard. I could talk on and on about this.

Mommy-you can be a tomboy with out activity. It's not like I'm out throwing any fastballs around. I'm just not a typical girl-ya know? I wear make up, but I'm not fussy. I love trendy clothes, but I am mostly in jeans and tees. I'm happy you stopped by!

Acumamakiki-girl, you're just in Jersey! It is so hard to meet mommies that are on the same wavelegth. I love my son very very much, but I have other interests too. I still like music and know I like whiskey drinks, so I guess I'm still crazy too.

I need friends and my son really needs some other little children. He has one little friend that I hope we'll see more of. Maybe I'm too hard to get to know. I'm a bit quiet and probably laugh too much.

acumamakiki said...

With NYC in between the 2 of us! I like anything that makes me drunk, perhaps we could meet in between some day.....I wouldn't care if your quiet (I am too) and I'm not bitchy.

paintergirl said...

We should try to meet in the city, if you'd like. of course my son goes where I do.

acumamakiki said...

I could bring my girl too, she loves going to the city and she's not that much older than your son.

itsmelvin said...

as someone close to PG i have to say she is super cool. i think a lot of people are just intimidated or don't understand her, since she is on a totally different wave length than most of society. usually when adults get together what seems to matter most is "what do you do" (i.e. how much do you make) and "what can you do for me?" we're not aboout competition but relating to others in a creative way and uplifting our sprits despite living in the consumer based culture. kinda like swingers but without the creepy sexual vibe: artsy fartsy and drinkin'!

PG, feel free to hide this or edit if you diagree

acumamakiki said...

Thank I think we'll get along famously. I think I intimidate people or they certainly don't get me on first glance......I can be very quiet and shy so that puts people off as well.

paintergirl said...

Melvin-you are so good to me. You know you are my best friend and I tell you everything, but I miss having girls around too.

The swingers comment still cracks me up. Why did you say that? Even though we are exactly how you describe us.

I know why-I'll tell everybody. We just watched the entire 2nd season of "6 Feet Under" this past week, and we're (well at least I am) still weirded out by Brenda's sexcapades.

acu-You know being quiet always puts people off. They think I'm a snob and that makes me laugh. I think we would get along well too.

Vajana said...

okay consider me a best blog friend anyway. I am surprised you can't meet people less out of the 'mold' in New York, I thought the sorority girls only congregated in the midwest.

DAR scares me. Drama girls scare me. You are not alone, at least know that!

paintergirl said...

Vajana-I think the sorority girl thing is worse here. Ya know-all the "ivy schools" uggg! I do not dress perfectly and I wear blush and lipstick and that is me. I went to Music Together with my little man, and there were actually mommies afraid to sing. I ALWAYS sing-who cares. It's so sad. Thank you for being my blog best friend!

Vajana said...

ha!! The only difference between your sorority girls and the midwest sorority girls is where they got laid! Midwest--in a barn
NYC--in a dorm room

Oooh that was little bit too catty for so early in the a.m. Sorry.

paintergirl said...

You are TOO funny! I love it! You are never too early to be catty around here.

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