21 September 2005

only get my rocks off while I'm sleeping...

Originally uploaded by paintergirl1.
One of my most recent painting/sketches. Planning on getting the oils out and doing this series the old fashioned way.


Hänni said...

I really love this one. Not sure why. It reminds me of blood, like a women's cycle. I feel very female-empowered looking at it.

itsmelvin said...

haven't seen this one, but it is really powerful! different direction from your other stuff. very evocative and primative (i like it!)

paintergirl said...

qb-Thanks to the gal in O-town(my old home) I like how you say woman's cycles because it's really a river moving between rocks. Nice interpretation.

melvin oh melvin- Aren't all my pieces different in some way. I wonder if there is a similarity in any of them? Maybe all my good ones are done when I'm mad.

And I was really pissed off doing this because all of my brushes are slowing falling apart, and the white rocks are in tempra that was all gunky. I was highly irratated by this and I kept thinking of the Vermeer movie where everything was all nice and laid out for him. Oh well, I've painted with sticks before, so this really isn't any different.

T said...

I got lovely flowing red hair the 1st time. Now its an arm reaching out, but I don't yet know what for...
I like it lots

paintergirl said...

T-where have you been mate? I'm glad you like the painting. I love to hear everyone's interpretation. That's whatit's all about. At least my paintings are.

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