04 August 2005

But she knows what she's worth...

I've come to the conclusion that I have a severe disorder called "Delusions of Greatness"

Everything is usually fine in my normal routine, except I get these flashes in my head, of what I think are, brilliant ideas.

Does this happen to everyone?

Do I need meds to subdue my huge ego that has, over the course of my 38 years, been beaten and shoved and locked away into a tiny box? And in this particular case, the box is about to burst open. I'm an Aries and I don't think anyone really wants a Aries running around helter skelter trashing the place. For so long I've kept everything balanced in a Libra-esque way.

Every so often I think, if only I could finish up this project and then I'll be recognized as the true genius that I am.

I can tell you this, when I'm 80 and I have my retrospective, I will be in the New York Times and the critics will say I am ahead of my time. A Ray Eames of her generation. This is what I see.


laurenbove said...

and I'll say...I knew her when.

acumamakiki said...

whenever I embrace an idea that I think is great, than I almost always think that everyone else will think so too. As in, when I'm an acupuncturist of course I'll be successful because acupuncture is so great! Or the wellness center where I have an office is so great that it will be very successful....

so I guess it is delusions of grandeur that any idea I embrace is a brilliant one.

marybishop said...

You have greatness...what you might be lacking is an MBA which seems to be needed by every artist, doctor, lawn care owner, pet groomer...you get my point.

You need to protect your ideas and market your art...which, most artists have no interest in doing...they want to be an artist because they love the process of art, the history of art, the beauty of art..but they aren't business men or women.

So most artists, and writers, end up poor, but... but, oh well, basically poor....

Break through that barrier PG!!!! - also, aren't you very multi-talented? You are a wonderful writer..does your multiple abilities stop you from focusing on one area?

If so I can relate..I have ended up being a dilettante because I am so scattered in abilities and focus.

Jeffs place said...

Do us all a fav. Take one of them and follow it through. Keep at it even if it is rejected at first. I have done this with a couple simple things and they have turned into some money making items. I at first did not think they would but after hearing one of those motivational dudes, I said WTF. Most do not follow through and most never see their true potential.

puwt74tlik said...

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paintergirl said...

Ahh Lauren-lots of kisses to you. I just don't want to be the insane paintergirl.
And I would love to know how to blogroll. Any help would be, well helpful.

acumamakiki-I think I finally get your blog name. (it takes me awhile)
I can relate to this feeling completely.

Marybishop-you have described my problem to a "T". No MBA means galleries and exhibit halls will not look at my resume. Frustrating.
Too many ideas floating around. And yes, my husband and I both have book ideas plus a script idea plus...I think we have a pretty darn good idea at least once a week. Do we start them, sometimes. Do we finish them, almost never.
Scattered and not focused. You are my therapist. Focus. That is my key.
You are so kind to say I'm a wonderful writer, especially since I adore your musings.

Jeff-You are right! I just have to get going and stop complaining. One project at a time.

puwt74tlik-I'm getting junk bloggers now? WTF?!

Sylow_P said...

puwt74tlik, you're a perfect example of a fucktard.

I only wish you'd come back long enough to read this.

marybishop said...

Yes...sylow is right --puwt74tlik is a fucktard and all degrees from puwt74tlik are done in invisible fucktardy ink!

Paintergirl I dub you Countess of the Canvas, Princess of the Paints! There, a royal title beats a phony PHD.

paintergirl said...

Fucktard and invisible fucktardy ink! That makes me so happy to know I have blogger pals like sylow and MB to come to my defense.
And I do love the sound of being a Countess. That's what I will be on my resume.

O'Grady said...

A fucktard!


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