19 May 2005

Shoot me down in flames if I should tell a lie

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First off-thanks to everyone for all the support. The paintings and drawings have been coming out really well and I'm excited to do some nice big things. I will post some sketches in the next week or so.

Next-the above photo. It's called an Omlet and the Brits have made it. You buy the little hen house and the chickens and you too can have fresh eggs. I want one sooo bad. It is a huge amout of money(700) and well, I don't think my dog would want to kill the chickens, I think she would mother them to death. I envision her hovering and that would worry the little girls and they would never lay eggs.

And last but not least...we just rented this crazy movie and I want everyone to see it. It's called American Astronaut and it's an unexpected kooky movie. It's David Lynch in outerspace, but not so difficult. Watch it with your significant other, have a couple of drinks(not too many) and report back to me. I think we may have to buy it and I haven't said that since Lost in Translation. We also rented Institute Benjamenta but I'm not recommending that to everyone(very very strange and fantasy based). We're kind of on a black and white film kick.

Over and out and peace and love!


Vajana said...

yes, we would love some more art. Please share!

laurenbove said...

Fresh eggies! Nothing better.

paintergirl said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be self-sufficient. Grow all your own veggies and fruits. Have a cow(not have a cow MAN) and chickens? But I am not a farm girl-total city babe and where am I going to put a cow?

marybishop said...

I love the omlets - they are adorable...I don't think I'd like the chickens though..and I know I would not want a rooster waking me up early in the morning.

So, what else could I do with an omlet? Hmmmmm

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