23 May 2005

My name is Bill and I'm a headcase

Since I read EVEYONES list I better do one too.Okay how this goes is you choose one word and one word only to describe different aspects of yourself and/or your feelings. It’s hard to do actually but here goes:

What is the one word you would use to describe your appearance? Placated
Favorite body part? Eyes
Least favorite body part? Lips
Most often complimented on? Smile
Most often criticized for? Stubborn
Your romantic relationship? Sweet
Your relationship to your parents? Caring
Your feelings about parenting? Exhausting
Your hobbies? Millions
Your favorite personality type for a friend? Inspiring
Favorite personality type for a spouse or lover? Adoring
Favorite type of movie? Various
Favorite cuisine? Thai
Favorite treat? Chocolate
Favorite gift? Botanical
Most sensitive “unusual” erogenous zone?Ear
Favorite pet? Flealess
Subject of blogging post that got the most hits? Moby
Feelings about memes? Insightful
I tag everyone who comes to this blog, as well!


Jana said...

it is very, very hard to come up with one word for anything. Well, 'shit' helps in many cases, but still.


marybishop said...

You don't like your lips but apparently everyone else does as you get most complimented on your smile!

I love Thai cuisine too...loved your answer on gifts: botanical. I'll bet not too many people chose that word!

Great answers...

paintergirl said...

jana-it is very hard, but you did it very nicely. I have to say i borrowed placated from a Who song. It's appropriate.

MB-my lips are TOO thin. smiling helps considerably,so I think people think I'm always happy. Yes Thai-I could live on coconut milk and noodles forever. Thanks MB!

laurenbove said...

Thin lips are better than fake puffy injected lips by a thousand percent!

Just see awfulplasticsurgery.com if you need further proof.

I love your one word meme answers and you were clever enough to actually use one word as your answers. Nicely done.

Thank you too for all your kind and warm words on my blog. Your family is lucky to have such a dear soul. I love Thai food especially that soup. tom ka kai or something like that....

I have a great Thai place near where I live. I haven't been in ages, but its a great deal and the quality is incredible! It's listed in Zagat's guide so it must be good!

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