10 May 2005

oh it's such a perfect day

This has to be the prettiest day so far this year in New York. I love it. We've had a productive morning, washed the dog, walked downtown, planted some seeds and just ran around the backyard.

This is such BIG news for me. And to many this may come as a surprise, but alas it will be in fun. I have found out I can join DAR. Yep, you got it, Daughters of the American Revolution. The Chanel wearing ladies will not know what to do with me. I plan on making the most out of this. I'm hoping the women are not all over 80 but then again they may just like me.


Gothamimage said...
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laurenbove said...

Ooooh....you sure you wanna do that? Eeek! I'm scared of large groups of ladies let alone the chanel wearing types you describe.

You da brave one!

paintergirl said...

Hey thanks guys! I am trying to be brave, I feel like I'm going to be infiltrating a secret society.

marybishop said...

I don't know much about DAR so please post the inside skinny for us.

Crazy Daze Tees said...

I don't know you, paintergirl, but I had fun reading your blog. :) I'll have to check back again.

paintergirl said...

DAR-women who have an ancestor that fought in the revolutioary war or who happened to have signed the Declaration Of Independence. That said, usually the groups are a bit on the wealthy side. If they need members to contribute lots of moola, well I won't exactly be a member. I know they are a bit, um blue blooded. How I fit into this, we shall see. My ancestor was a soldier and died when he was 36.

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