13 May 2005

Just find a girl, with far away eyes

I have a huge problem. I'm by far too sensitive. I really find it annoying. But what is worse is when my husband tells me almost every other day that I'm too sensitive, then goes on to tell me I wouldn't be like this if I was working again. This is where he is incorrect. It's been 5 years since I had a full-time job(being a mom is too, but you know where I'm going with this). This job, uggh, makes me ill thinking about it. I was head of production for a weekly in Atlanta. It was called Creative Loafing and I can think of 2 things wrong with that name. Anyway, the insensitivity of those that I worked with and for made me VERY sensitive. I acted as a vacuum and sucked everyone's insensitivity out and then over compensated by flying off the handle at the slightest thing. Not healthy, and that's when I quit and started doing work at home. I've taken the Meyers-Briggs test numerous times in my life and I'm always an INFP. It's something like 3% of the population. No wonder I never fit in. And that's why I paint.

Oh and there is a HUGE ta-do here in, ok I'll tell you where I live, Peekskill. (it really is a very similar to Twin Peaks) well there is a celebrity having a gallery exhibit and it opens tomorrow. It's Richard Butler and let me tell you I am very excited. If you don't know who that is(because why would anyone be so completely into 80s music like I am, which reminds me of a dream that I had, but that's for later) he used to be in a band called Psychedelic Furs, known for the ever so popular"Pretty in Pink". His paintings are dark and figurative, a bit disturbing. I will report back to you after the opening. My husband and I will have to control our urges to sing any of his songs.

And tell me why I become infatuated with dead actors or musicians? I went through this period of adoring Peter Sellers and then it was Richard Manuel from The Band and now it's poor Keith Moon. I know he's not the lyrical genius that Pete T.is(krunked up in the head, but still a genius) but he was a damn fine drummer. He always looked like he was 18 when he was behind the drums. I will always be a bit boy crazy and my sweet husband deals with it. And that is because I know he lusts after Kylie.

Happy Friday 13th to all you crazy kids!


echrai said...

It -is- sensitivity day, isn't it? And yes, I was a studio art major and loved my paints. And my music. But artistry wasn't the direction I wanted to go with my life. Damnit, I -will- represent the sensitive people against the thick-skinned-ones someday!

laurenbove said...

It's actually national orgasm day according to myrtus... and I suppose a certain kind of sensativity is a benefit in that order.

I'm a hypersensitive and so is DH. So we're almost like Abbot and Costello and the baseball skit, but with hurt feelings...if you can imagine that combination. UH!

Anyway: I loved the Psych Furs in college. I'm excited for you about the gallery showing. Get a postcard or two if he's offering so you can send us a pickie or two.

CHeers love!

paintergirl said...

Yay! Finally a sensitive lawyer. I hope your exams went well.

paintergirl said...

national orgasm day-it does work together. My hubby is sensitive too, but insensitive sometimes to me. He battles some nasty ones at work, so here I am empathizing with him. Isn't it the worst when you find that you're both sensitive on the same topic. Not the easiest thing in the world!

Crazy Daze Tees said...

PG, I'm so about the 80s music, too, so no, you're not alone. I graduated high school in 84 and grew up with all that 80s (yes, I do know the Psychadelic Furs!). My hubby's 5 years younger than me and a guitarist and he's incredibly into the 80s music, too, even though he graduated in 90. I even watched the Mtv debut (and was that a huge deal back then!) and remember the 5 original veejays. I remember when it was just like a radio station except on TV. Me and my friends spent so many countless hours watching it. Today's music is good--could leave a lot of it behind personally--but the 80s rocked! And anything prior (70s, 60s, 50s, etc.) I'm a fan of. Ooops...didn't mean to make this so long for a comment. LOL Just excited to see someone else being an 80s fan!

paintergirl said...

Hey crazy(that's what I'm going to call you)It's so nice to find people who like 80's music. And not crap 80's either. We're also very fond of all types of music but I always go back to the 80s and rock from the 70s. (I graduated high school in 85.) I used to stay up ALL night to wait for a Duran Duran video. What a silly girl I was.

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