01 April 2005

Be thankful I don't take it all..

Ugh! I just got back from our accountant. (yes we have an accountant because we're both art types and it takes way too many of my brain cells and I'd flub it up anyway)
So, from all the moving, my hubby freelancing, selling a house, buying a house-WE OWE MONEY!! I'm am not feeling too good right now. But as my husband said, it's only money. I would have set aside money to pay, but to buy a house in New York, we had to scrape every last penny together for closing. I am really ill now. Now I have to auction off all of our belongings, but the tax man is coming down on eBay, so forget that.

So to do something nice, I picked up chinese for lunch for my son and I. He loves the baby corn. It's so cute to see his eyes twinkle when he's eating them. Then, I'm sitting in traffic and my husband calls me and said Jim Jarmusch just walked by him on the street. WOW! Not 5 minutes later, I saw 3 deer by the road. My husband gets to see hotty directors, I get animals. I will take these small gifts as I receive them.


T said...

Jim Jarmusch - THATS cool!!

But I have to say, three Bambis at close range very nearly tops it! Your kiddie must have been thriled; our two young ones go wild over animals, and they love the zoo trips.

paintergirl said...

The little man was so happy about it! When I phoned hubby when we got home to tell him of the wildlife kingdom experience, he wanted to go back out to the car and see them again.

Gothamimage said...

Interesting painting.

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