03 May 2014

Feeling Wayne Coyne Disintegrate

RIP Wayne Coyne.
Rocker/artist dude from OKC. Now he is gone forever.

When we lost Kurt Cobain, within an instant our generation was changed. Forever. Now we have been hit again with a loss that we'll never be able to recover from.

The Gen Xers have never been the generation to take things lightly. Always question authority has been an anthem. Hell we had Nixon and Reagan in office when we were little. So yeah kids, never trust a politician. I'm kind of happy CBS Evening News showed dead soldiers being brought home from Vietnam.

The sobriety of youth. It's no wonder we're a little messed up. This is why we're great artists.

Back to Mr. Coyne.
I remember the days when Ronald Jones was in the band, and Christmas lights were a part of your stage set-up. And the sound, oh god the sound the Lips made. It was raw and spirited and your voice was etched in my brain. Some songs made me cry. They still do.

Today Wayne Michael Coyne has died and I mourn the loss of a once great Xer.

Perhaps it was a slow cancer eating away at you. How were we to know. When you make it to the other side give us a sign. If I had of known I would have set out on a personal quest to save you. The path you took was not the one intended and I'm so very sorry.

When I pass on to the next world I want this song to be played at my funeral. 
I'm dedicating this to you my friend and hope your journey is a good one.


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