11 June 2007

I've tried but I could not find a way...

I really don't know what to say right now. Honestly -I think there has been so much going on that I don't even know where to begin.

House selling is far beyond unamusing-especially after 8 months. It's also all consuming.

Sometimes I think I'm seriously manic depressive but considering all that is happening maybe I'm just normal. I don't know anymore but I find it hard to catch my breath.

All I have been doing is running around town, calling people on the phone and waiting and hoping. I hate walking and talking on the phone, but that's all I do as well. I'm not a multi-tasker. I have to stay extremely organized, and that's not the easiest.

I have had some really good ideas float around my head, but I don't have a chance to put them down.

Also the wee birds are gone. I have an empty nest. We saw one sitting on the edge of the nest Saturday. He turned around and gave us the saddest look. His eyes screamed, "I'm not ready".
Baby, none of us are but it all works out.


JC said...

I'm sorry the house selling sucks. It's a difficult time to be selling, hang in there!

Wow, the little birdies are gone already? That seemed really quick! I have a photo of a baby cardinal that I took before all the school nastiness broke out, I'll get it posted one of these days.

I hope you find some peace soon.

Irene said...

breathe, breathe my friend.

you ARE normal. let the ideas float a little bit longer. they will be even better.

paintergirl said...

jc-it is so painful but now, maybe maybe?? I won't believe anything until we sign papers.

I thought it was early too for the birds. I wish I knew where they went. I haven't seen mom or dad either. When the babes were in the nest, mom and dad worked non-stop getting food. I could hear the little ones-epp epping in the house, then mom and dad frantically chirping to each other.

irene-I was able to breathe last night finally. We recently bought the collection of Gondry videos and shorts he made. He is such an inspiration to me. It helps to see art you love and would love to create yourself.

hollibobolli said...

Um... yes. I know. And thanks to me we have not one but TWO houses to sell. We are most freaked out. Maybe not we, but me. I am freaked out - beyond the beyond. Holy crap on cinnamon toast.

As for birds, the red bird of love flew in last night and is now sitting next to the bluebird of happiness. Faith is now focused on the yellow bird of peace. Tom - he's really glad we won't be permanently sharing a computer room. When you enter it already sounds like a nuthouse.

acumamakiki said...

I'm crossing my fingers friend, it will go well I just know it. xoxo

paintergirl said...

holli-2 houses? I think I would just loose it. Selling stuff crazily on ebay is super fun too. not. buh. I'm guessing we'll make it through this but I just don't see a light yet.

I can't believe you leave the birds on. That would scare me so bad if I heard that go off at night.

acumamakiki-yes yes yes-please cross your fingers.

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