04 April 2007

I'm worth a million in prizes...

That's me and my sis. Of course I'm the one with my bathing cap on wrong.

40 Things about me for my 40th Birthday

I always have at least 2 songs in my head

I love chocolate croissants

I love 1960's vintage dresses

I was raised Southern Baptist

I have leanings towards Buddhism

I want a greenhouse one day

I was a graphic design major then switched to painting

I take 6 different vitamins/herbs

I am a pacifist

I have no desire to jump out of an airplane

I love Truffaut movies

I want a Russian Blue cat one day

I hate taking medicine, even aspirin

I hate housework

I love yard work

I loathe Lima beans

I love Case Study houses

I no longer eat red meat

I love my family but they don't understand me

I love hiking

I hate running

I want to travel to Basel, Vienna, Prague and Odessa

I love purses

I miss sub-tropical plants of Florida

I don't paint or draw people

I cannot tell a joke

I love board games

I want to build a tree house for our son

I love swimming

I wanted to be an astronomer when I was 8

I have always had a dog or cat

I want to learn how to surf

I don't like roller coasters

I want to learn French

The first book I bought was "On the Road"

I try to never kill anything

I want to go snorkeling in Belize

I love a good joke

I love refurbishing furniture

I want to learn how to make Creme Bruelle and chocolate souffle.


Stepping Over the Junk said...


I can't teach you how to make a creme brulee but I can teach you how to make a souffle...any kind. Oh, yet, Chef can teach you to make creme brulee. He does the whole torch thing and everything!

Lima beans make me gag.

paintergirl said...

Oh yay!! And I SO want to use the torch. I think that is about the coolest thing in the world.

hollibobolli said...

I want to come back and do a response to each one of those.. because I actually had one. But I have to carry Faith the noise machine out of here.

Happy Birthday - you made it!!!

hollibobolli said...

BTW - I'm glad you can't wear a rubber shower cap correctly - those freak me out. I always think they're going to accidentally rip all your hair off en masse.

paintergirl said...

Holli-those caps are the worst. I question why my mom made us girls wear them. They really do rip out hair. Is Faith really a noise machine? M gives me a constant play by play of where Peter Cottontail is at this very second.

JC said...

Happy Birthday!

That's a fantastic picture, and I love your list. So you miss palmettos, but not palmetto bugs! I agree.

hollibobolli said...

She has been a noise machine lately!!!

I'm going to leave this window open and leave the longest comment ever - just cuz I loved your list and it resounded with me:

1. Me too - and I've sometimes thought I was crazy because loud crashing music wakes me up at night.

2. MY FAV!!! I would fight you at the bakery that is always down to the last one.. that's right, you're a pacifist.

3. I love vintage dresses too - but they aren't made for short people.

4. Me too.

5. I think I could lean that way if Richard Gere would cut it out.

6. We had a greenhouse growing up. I loved it and it's the only thing I've asked for if we have enough money and space. And because Nana had it attached to our kitchen, and it made us all sweat our asses off at breakfast - I do know that I don't want it attached to the breakfast room.

7. x (no relevant response except I switched majors so many times and to such extremes it made my own head spin).

8. I chew Princess vitamins - 2 gummi, each day. We're on a quest to finish a bottle so Faith can get the next princess bracelet. I used to take 30-40 vitamins a day when I nearly lost all my hair.

9. I won't hurt any living thing - except humans.

10. I would jummp out of an airplane before I would jump out of or off anything while being attached to a cord - and I've said that repeatedly.

11. I've only seen the Green Room.

12. Cats hate me.

13. x eh hem.

14. My house is a wreck. A reflection of my inner life.

15. I hate yard work that feels like house work. I like to grow things.

16. I think Lima Beans taste like vomit wrapped in leaves.

17. I love case study homes!!

18. I stopped eating red meat for 4 years. Then I moved to Texas. But that was the best I ever felt in my life.

19. Ditto on the family stuff time 10000.

20. xx


Okay - I would love you because you can't tell a joke. I hate "told jokes"

Love tree houses and want one for ME.

We have all the software for me to teach French to Faith and so I can brush up.

I made a lot of dogs sick trying to perfect creme brulee.. but without the torch, you're f'ed.

gotta go get the "currently noisy noise machine"

I am in true work avoidance mode!!

Lilly said...

Happy b'day, darling :-D I love that old photo. It's brilliant :-D

Again, I can only apologise for being so crap at keeping up-to-date with your blog...and your life. Hope all is well, with you, the little man and the better half.

Take care.

Margaret said...

happy birthday!!! happy birthday!!!!

I could help you with the tree house

Irene said...

happy birthday paintergirl!!!

ps: and I love this list! how funny because I just posted a list of 30 things to do this year...

paintergirl said...

Holli-you so krazee! I can't believe you commented on so many.
Do you find it hard to find clothes that fit well? I was given a dress fro my birthday and it fits perfectly. The hubbster said it's european cut.

I wish Gere would just let it be too. You don't hear Tina Turner going on and on. She is one peaceful woman.

no attached greenhouses. Unless we have a huge estate and then it could be called a solarium. Right? Is that the word?

You have to see Jules and Jim, and The 400 Blows and Breathless.

I love case study houses so much if I had enough money I would build my own. With modifications of course.

Aren't Princess gummies part of ones daily fruit requirement? We have teddy gummies.

Lilly!! Thanks dear-I know your situation. I just hope you're doing alright. We have ups and downs on our end. You take care too ok.

Margaret-Thanks and cool. When we move and we have the tree, I'll send pics so you can help us navigate our way through contruction.

Irene-Hey fellow Aries thanks! I really like your list too.

paintergirl said...

jc-I just got carried away answering Holli. Thanks Aries fellow! Ugg..the palmetto bugs. I do miss the trees though. I really miss the bromeliads and birds of paradise, oh and the staghorn ferns. Not the spanish moss.

Alan said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!
Well, tardiness is my middle name.
(No it's not)
[Shut up you, you're just in my head]
Hope you enjoyed the day.

hollibobolli said...

Oh wait - I need to look up Jules and Jim. Is that the one where he has alzheimers? I think I've seen that!!


Yes, Tina rocks it out! Richard - sigh. Where did he go wrong.

hollibobolli said...

Dear Lord - it started showing me a commercial for a mastercard and I was like "huh????"

Dammit, it won't let me watch the trailer. I don't think I've seen it, but it sounds so familiar. When I was on bed rest for more than HALF A YEAR - I watched hundreds upon hundreds of foreign films. I saved a list somewhere.

paintergirl said...

It's about 2 guys who like the same girl. Basic story. It has the actor who was in Fahrenheit 451.

JC said...

The 400 Blows is genius.

Jocelyn said...

I love this celebration of your 40th! Well done, on all fronts.

Your list was so interesting to me; it filled in a better picture of you in my head!

paintergirl said...

jc-It may be time to rewatch The 400 again. Day for Night is good too. That one is the making of a film within film.

Hey ya Jocelyn-Thank you!
reading my list now, do I sound all granola girl?

kristen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I adore case study houses as well - there was an exhibition here at MOCA on homes and I wanted to go, sigh. I will never jump out of an airplane and we should study French together - oh yeah, we don't live close. pfft. But we could learn together anyway.

kristen said...

Someday we're going to have a treehouse oh yes we are.

Rose said...

Ohhh! we just watched Jules and Jim the other night at our Film Society night. It was so strange and wonderful. Seeing it on the big screen was such a kick.

That photo of you and your sis is priceless. Those swimsuits. I had a little blue one with one of those frilly skirts on it. They don't make them like they used to. I remember begging my parents for a bikini for years. I finally made them cave in when i was 13.

And your list just makes me like you more and more. Sweet paintergirl!


paintergirl said...

kristen-Doesn't a trehouse sound divine? A true gift for everyone in the fam

rose-that would be cool to see jules and jim on the big screen. I don't know if I have ever seen a truffaut movie on the big screen. shame on me.

And of course I want to travel to new zealand too-and I just saw an amazing photo of lord howe island.

sigh-bathing suits are not the same anymore.

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