18 April 2007

films by Luc Godard and paintings by Picasso...

Something a little serious.

Well not that serious. But I'm usually the jokester.

There is a blog person, I will not name the person. It's none of you guys, trust me. This person is too good to read anyone else's blog.

I really thought this person was pretty cool. Thought when I saw the blog-Right on! Now, not so much.

What has me a little annoyed is that when people become successful, sometimes they turn on their industry. Biting the hand that feeds you, sort of.
If you hate what you're doing, maybe you need to rethink your vocation. Or if you don't like what you see, try to educate. Get the word out. Especially if you have a voice and are semi-successful. People will listen.

Or is it the case where you think the industry is flooded and there is C.R.A.P. out in the world.. and you are trying to dissuade and discourage artists?

I know there is art out there-music, films, books, visual that is horrible. (But that is subjective)

I'm still a cheerleader for the arts. I still carry on.

I feel sorry for this person. Really.

Thanks guys for allowing me to complain!
Peace and love! pg


Ilanna said...

No one thing can be liked by absolutely everyone. It's just not possible.

By denying art and creative programs you stifle the populace. You also lose out on a very real way to spot people who are troubled and maybe offer some help before it goes too far.

But to me, one of the biggest problems with stifling art of any kind is that you are stifling the mind, creative thinking - not just to produce art but to survive in the world and make changes. Schools where the arts are cut, are usually ones where critical thinking skills drop, math drops, reading etc. Abstract concepts lose meaning etc. Being a musician, i have always felt that music improves on math scores and understanding and vice versa.

Like the human body, everything builds and functions with everything else. By cutting out a portion of it, the rest may survive - but it won't thrive...

Margaret said...

be free! complain, express your self

acumamakiki said...

Get out of my brain, will you? I feel this same way but we're probably not talking about the same blog. Please do vent away - that's what friends are for.

JC said...

If you can't vent here, where can you? Vent away!

paintergirl said...

ilanna-amen sister. As a society, when you cut creativity, you are losing out on so much. I think one even loses a sense of purpose.

margaret-thanks. I was worried

acumamakiki-you are so funny. I was so bitter about this person, and I have resolved not to visit the blog, or buy the stinkin book. Now I'm fine. I was thinking I sounded extremely crazy. You guys make me seem ok.

jc-I know, but then reading my blog...I questioned how angry I came off. I'm doing fine now.

Thanks everyone!

Lilly said...

I agree, PG -- get it out of your system! Hey, after all, this is YOUR blog :-D

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