05 March 2007

A pretty face and a dirty love...

If I have Iggy and the Stooges in my head, look out.

I don't know why I feel like raising some hell, but maybe it will do some good. I look around my town and I think everyone is so complacent, they need to be rattled.

Which reminds me, yesterday we had a house viewing and it was fairly sunny out. Then there were suddenly flurries. It's sad when I think, "Oh great it's nuclear fallout". I mean where were those flurries coming from?

I'm not happy when people are so smug about everything. I think-What are they hiding?

For instance if you heard any phone conversation I have with my 79 year old mom, one would think I was smug. I just lie and pretend everything is fine. I have to. She's conditioned that way. If she hears anything remotely stressful it puts her in a tailspin. Sometimes it really depresses me I can't have a normal relationship with her, but most days I just carry on and know it's all for the best. God will forgive me because I'm sparing my mom.


miss*R said...

hello :) thought I would come and say hi - thanks for emailing - I am just about to reply xo

kristen said...

i think god already has. xo

JC said...

Man, we would have been like oil and water today - I was so tired and in a fog and needed quiet and you wanted to raise hell. But we all need to raise some hell every now and then!

Glad they were flurries and not fallout!

I think God will understand too.

hollibobolli said...

You could raise hell with me!

Margaret said...

Like the new look!!!!!

paintergirl said...

Miss*R-Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited about the swap.

Kristen-I hope so, because I do it enough. Sometimes I feel like a pathological liar when I talk to her.

jc-Oh was I in a mood yesterday. I have mellowed off a bit today. The jury is still out on the fallout. Why do we live near a nuclear plant again?

holliholli-if we lived close, the town would have to watch out. Yesterday I was ready to make a citizens arrest of some neighbors. I am sick and tired of drug deals going on IN PLAIN SIGHT. No fear, and I am tired of it. Another neighbor down the road a bit said, "Oh we all have problem neighbors every once in a while". WTF! I'm sorry but having drug dealers or meth labs in a neighborhood where kids ride bikes and people walk dogs is not normal. This is why we are leaving. The authorities look the other way.

margaret-thanks sister margaret!!

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