11 January 2006

...drinking a pina colada in Trader Vic's

I ALWAYS hear that song now. I never knew what Trader Vic's was until we lived in Atlanta. Fun place, miss it a bit.

Listening to Pulp, New Order, David's sampler 3 and The Ricky Gervais show on podcast. Every time RG laughs, I'm in stiches.

Reading A Man Without a Country(thanks to Susan)
Persepolis 2 (a xmas gift from Melvin, and it's lovely)
Swallows and Amazons (thanks to David for the recommendation)
Toilet training The Brazelton Way (the most important book of all)

The little man is off in childcare now so I must make the best of my time. So I'm off.


paintergirl said...

Could I possibly have a worse google ad. Just seeing if these things really work. Like I said over at David's, I'm mad at everything and well I better not say too much!

itsmelvin said...

hey, you have a mixed drink ad now. how topical.

oh yeah...SELL OUT!!!

seriously, keep up the entreprenurial spririt, and don't forget i get half.

acumamakiki said...

Oh, my other bookclub just read Persepolis and I didn't get to go to the meeting so I didn't read it. But it's a lovely series and I will definitely get to it.

Do you really get moola for the ads?

Lilly said...

Hey -- I think we have very similar taste in music! :-) Good to have a music-soul-mate!

And I love watching The Office too! They just showed it again on BBC Prime [which we can watch here in Denmark] throughout December, so I've been laughing out loud on Friday nights.

You seem quite into British stuff -- or am I wrong?

Lilly said...

PS. What is Trader Vic's?
A bar? A restaurant?

Lilly said...

Hehe -- those Google ads. I actually get Danish translations. Amazing. Goes to prove that Big Brother's watching....

paintergirl said...

Lilly you are so funny-music soul mates. I think it's true. If I had to pick one band I could follow around in their heyday, I would pick the Kinks.

i have loved the Brits for as long as I can remember. I had a crush on John Cleese when I was 10. Then it was Micheal Palin. You can see where this is going? I should probably live in London.

Oh Trader Vic's...Lot's of very tropical drinks in a very dark bar. It could almost be cheesy, but the bars are always in some fancy hotel. You would get a kick out of them. Drinks that come in huge skull mugs. I think there is one in London. is there no end to my perfect fit with England?

Lilly said...

PG, thanks for elaborating in terms of Trader Vic's -- I sure would love to go to that place! Wow.

I can totally identify and sympathise with your obsession with the Brits or England. I've suffered from that myself since I was 14 and my dad and I went to London for the first time on holiday [we kept going back after that, and when I finished high-school, I moved to London to live and work. I intended to stay for 6 months, but didn't return until 25 monts later! Then once I'd done my BA, I took a 2-year leave of absence from university and moved to Scotland to be with Alan...I think that maybe I prefer Scotland to England now, but that may be because I am biased ;-)]. British music, telly, movies, humour, etc. I absolutely love -- though when it comes to literature, I think I am more into American stuff. Especially from the 1960s-70s.

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