04 October 2005

self portrait tuesday

Originally uploaded by paintergirl1.
Good bye Ruby Tuesday, who could hang a name on you...

I was inspired to do this today because I have this book on the table ready to sell. As much as I LOVE these glasses, they do not look like the ones that I wear.



acumamakiki said...

Hey a glimpse at you! I like your hair, I remember you mentioning you'd cut it off. Seeing the little bit looks cute. Very clever photo. (=

echrai said...

I like! Never read the book, but I like the photo and I like the snippet of haircut we can see. :)

paintergirl said...

Acu-I know, so mysterious I am. I'm still very secretive. And my hair is very crazy-you can see my George Harrison flip.

echrai-The book is for collectors of glasses. Or people who love Chronicle books and just like the way it looks. But we are going through our belongings and selling them slowly. No we are not joining a cult, but we just want to be a little lighter next time we move. (See even crazy little families think of moving-and we are a bit nomadic too. We like to see new places)

Lilly said...

I absolutely love this self-portrait, Painter Girl :-)

Hehehe --> "George Harrison flip" :-)

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