12 September 2005

Put your raygun to my head...

Have you ever met someone that didn't seem quite right?

This has happened to me on numerous occasions, and you think serial killer? No.
Learning disabilities. Nope.
Alien. Bingo!

I could swear there are at least 10 people here in Peekskill alone that are aliens. And I kind of feel sorry for them, because I think they are stuck on this planet. The mother ship has forgotten about them and they are way out of long distance space planetary calling range. There is this one guy that no matter when I take the train into the city he's always walking through my train car. He reminds me of a comedian from "Kids in the Hall" and he wears his hair like a little boy, parted straight down the middle and combed to the sides. He's one.

Then there is this man, who always walks down our street to get the train, various times of the day mind you. But his age always changes. Sometimes he looks like a man in his 40's and other times he's a 70 year old man. He's one too.

I know my rational thinking is a bit off because I just finished rereading "A Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" but I think anything is possible. Now if I could only find my copy of "Mars is Heaven" I'll be all set to greet my new friends.


acumamakiki said...

I have someone like that I know that isn't alien-like but definitely off and she freaks me out.

I think I have this propensity to notice people that are off. They almost always seem to notice me too,which is unsettling to say the least. Sometimes I think they can read my thoughts.

laurenbove said...

Ooooo, like Men In Black???? Very plausible explaination indeed. I think you may be on to something.

paintergirl said...

acumamakiki-You know I'm the same way-it's very freaky. I also think of someone reading my mind. Like "Scanners".

LB-Exactly. They are EVERYWHERE. And you don't have to go into the city either-they are in your own hometown.

acumamakiki said...

I ALWAYS think people can read my mind.....maybe it's because I'm a fucking bitch and think evil things about people and then I worry they can actually see what I'm thinking.
When that starts happening, I clear my brain so it can't be scanned!

paintergirl said...

I do that too-I try to scramble my thoughts-"think pink bunny-think pink bunny!" And then somewhere along the way,one of these days, one of these people will make a pink bunny appear and I will run away screaming.

(I have way too active imagination)

acumamakiki said...

If it was my life, the pink bunny would come along just to fuck me up. I think that I have weirdo things like this in my life all the time, most of it isn't scary.

I wish I knew how to throw the I-Ching.

Sherri said...

I truly believe that the Pennsylvania Turnpike is run by aliens. There is just no other explaination for it.

paintergirl said...

Hey-I can tell you how to do I-Ching if you really want to. It's a very centering thing to do.

paintergirl said...

Oh-hey Sherri! Thanks for coming by. I'm glad to hear Pennslyvania has them too. I would imagine there are many aliens trapped all over our lovely country.

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