31 May 2005

Dirty old river...

So here is my soundtrack list. I would like to encourage everyone to give it a try. I won't tag anyone. It took me about a week to think over my songs. My husband joked and said he's never seen me obsess over anything. I hope this inspires everyone.

Soundtrack to my life

Opening song: April Showers-Bambi
Waking up: Deep Blue Day-Brian Eno
Falling in love: Playground Love-Air
Sex Scene: Mambo Sun-TRex
Heartbreak: Sea Breezes-Roxy Music
First big argument with parents: Bodies-Sex Pistols
Rebellious song: Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell-Iggy and The Stooges
First time really drunk: A Night Like This-The Cure
Driving: Car Trouble-Adam and the Ants
Getting ready to go out: The New Pollution-Beck
Wedding song: God Only Knows-The Beach Boys
Dream sequence/out of body experience: Sex War & Robots-Super Furry Animals
Feeling Depressed: She's Lost Control-Joy Division
Birth of child: Gold Day-Sparklehorse
Watching a blizzard: Windows of Your Mind-Dusty Springfield
Walking in the rain: You Ain't Going No Where-The Byrds
Striptease song: Full Grown-Blues Explosion
Buying first house: Shangri la-The Kinks
Walking off a jobsite: Welcome to the Working Week-Elvis Costello
Moment when sun shines in room perfectly: Dear Prudence-Siouxsie and the Banshees
Falling asleep: Sky Over Berlin-Wings of Desire soundtrack
Funeral song: They Punctured My Yolk-The Flaming Lips
Closing song: Waterloo Sunset-The Kinks


tim said...
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marybishop said...
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paintergirl said...

MB-don't be put off by tb's reply. A love of music is transcendental. it does not require an age. (Escept I won't allow my son to hear Repo Man soundtrack until he's 20)

TB-I'm not as old as some of the music I picked. Music is ageless. And well I'm very much a rock and/or roll kind of a girl.

Vajana said...

I bet this took you awhile to post. I would have to seriously take awhile before I made mine. Unfortunately it probably won't be as prolific as yours is! Wow!

laurenbove said...

Nice Job PG: I think I may give this a go. I don't give a shit how old anyone thinks I am. I'm as young as I feel and as old as I act.

(a lighthearted and goodnatured raspberry to tim, silly old bear.)

paintergirl said...

V-it took me awhile. I saw a list on a board somewhere and found one again, but I thought it was too teenager based. I went through and added more adult material, since well, we're adults and I don't exactly remember my first date.
LB-I'm so happy you played the soundtrack game!

Jeffs place said...

I cant do this memme. All the labels on my 8 tracks are faded too much....just like my memory.

Jeffs place said...

Tim, That is probably about #2 down on my 5 things to never, ever say to a woman. I have to assume you are not married.

paintergirl said...

hey Jeff, thanks for stopping by. I'm always over at Lauren's and MaryB's and have been reading your posts. Very funny. You mean to tell me you don't have your 8 tracks memorized? I did my whole list by heart.(wink wink)
And poor tim-if he's really a student in belgium, well, he's young and foreign. I'll forgive him, only because I know I have a better soundtrack.

Jeffs place said...

You could borrow the line from Austin Powers. His dad Nigel said something like "There are two things in this world I cannot stand. Intolerance for other peoples cultures.......... and the bloody Dutch."

Anonymous said...


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