31 March 2005

Try to use a mirror,no bullet or a knife

Good days are out there. Today I found a Kinks record for $4. That made me do a little dance, and it's not really messed up. My angelic son was very good at the library today. He played very sweetly with puzzles and a helicopter.
In the past week I have gotten into blogs a bit more. And why I think it is so popular is that everyone wants the same thing and that is some sort of validation from other people. Just a nod or a wink and to say-it's all right and I agree with you. It's kind of comforting. It's kind of nice to have friends outside your normal circle.

1 comment:

T said...

There you go! 'By George, I think she's got it!'

Welcome to my world, 'where every body knows your name' ( da-da-da )

You're absolutely spot on with the validation thing - I feel a post brewing...

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