04 November 2004

Yesterday I was sad, today I'm pissed

Well it has happened. Another 4 years with w. And we're doomed. I am randomly honking at lux cars with w4 stickers on the window. Give ol' richeys a fright. What is so upsetting is that the republicans have latched on to religion, and they are so UN-christian like. They make up rules for others to follow, but they themselves feel they are above the law and above God. I really don't think our founding fathers would like the way are country is headed, especially having religion in our government. Or using religion as a tool to win peoples votes. It will be too late when the Christian right realise it was all a sham, and they are living on the street with their 10 children, (thanks to no abortions and good-bye Pill). What then, W has already said the working class is too greedy and have told them to pray to God and not worry about healthcare and the school system.

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'p' is for profound said...

i couldn't have said it better myself. i feel the same. it's just so frustrating.

but i don't think honking at Dubya followers would do any good. if anything, i think it'll spread the divide the country more.

i guess we just need to get out there and educate people some more. we can't give up...

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